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The Court of Justice supports a variety of specialty courts and programs to give citizens a better understanding of the law and how to navigate Kentucky courts.

These programs are described below:

Court Designated Worker Program... The Kentucky General Assembly created the Court Designated Worker Program in 1986. Court designated workers help juveniles under age 18 who are charged with offenses to enter a diversion program, which lets them carry out restitution without court action and without creating a formal court record, or make their way through the court system, depending upon the courts’ ruling. CDWs are employed by the Administrative Office of the Courts and provide services to all 120 counties.

Court Interpreting Services... The Court of Justice believes that all citizens deserve fair and just treatment under the law. The Administrative Office of the Courts provides uniform and consistent interpreting services for individuals who have a limited ability to understand English, are deaf or hard of hearing, or are unable to speak. The court interpreter's role is to completely and accurately interpret or translate what is stated or written and not to provide legal advice or become an advocate for the court or any party.

Drug Court... Drug Court coordinates the efforts of the judiciary, prosecution, defense bar, probation, law enforcement, mental health, social services and treatment communities to intervene and break the cycle of substance abuse, addiction and crime. Today there is irrefutable evidence that Drug Court is achieving what it set out to do — substantially reduce drug use and criminal behavior in drug-addicted offenders. Drug Court operates 53 programs in 77 Kentucky counties and has graduated more than 1,300 participants since the program began in 1996. The program is giving individuals the opportunity to lead productive, drug-free lives.

Monitored Conditional Release Program... Many defendants remain in Kentucky jails awaiting trial because of the serious nature of the charge or other extenuating circumstances. In fiscal year 2004, more than 211,000 people were arrested and detained in local jails after their arrest. While it varies by district, approximately one-third of those people were not released from jail prior to the disposition of their cases. This leaves county governments to bear the cost of incarceration. The Department of Pretrial Services has found a viable solution with the Pretrial Services Monitored Conditional Release Program. The program’s goals are to advocate the safe release of defendants into the community to ensure court appearances and to reduce the risk of defendants committing additional crimes while their cases are pending.

Pretrial Services... Pretrial Services officers interview defendants within 12 hours of arrest, verify the information provided, perform extensive criminal background checks and utilize a validated risk assessment in order to make a recommendation for release to the trial courts. Defendants are entitled to the least restrictive release terms possible, depending on whether they are likely to appear in court and not present a risk to public safety.

Teen Court... Teen Court provides first-time juvenile offenders with the opportunity to participate in a less formal court process carried out by their peers. Teen Court began in 1992 as one of many law-related programs offered through the Department of Juvenile Services. Today, the Teen Court concept has been embraced throughout the state and operates in 32 Kentucky counties. More than 15,000 students have participated in the program since its inception. The program succeeds as a positive alternative to Juvenile Court by bringing together high school students and volunteer teacher-coaches and attorney-coaches.

Court Contact Info
Joyce Emberton
Monroe County Circuit Clerk
200 North Main Street, Suite B
Tompkinsville KY 42167-1548
(270) 487-5480 (Phone)
(270) 487-8831 (Phone)
(270) 487-0068 (Fax)
Hon Thomas D Emberton
Kentucky Court of Appeals
101 Stockton Street
Edmonton KY 42129-0450
(270) 432-5800 (Phone)
(270) 432-2652 (Fax)
Hon Steve D Hurt
Vice Chief Regional District Judge
Chief District Judge
PO Box 750
Burkesville KY 42717
(270) 864-5600 (Phone)
(270) 864-5377 (Fax)
Hon Eddie C Lovelace
Circuit Judge
104 Cumberland Street
Albany KY 42602
(606) 387-5986 (Phone)
(606) 387-7948 (Fax)
Amy Parker - Aaron Harris - Angela Talbott
Barren County Pretrial Services
400 Courthouse Square
Glasgow KY 42141
(270) 651-9235 (Phone)
(270) 659-0594 (Fax)
Reed N Moore Jr
Master Commissioner
PO Box 235
Tompkinsville KY 42167
(270) 487-6262


When a person is incarcerated there are several ways for that individual to post a bond to secure their release. The different types of bonds and a brief description are listed below:

OR Bond (Own Recognizance) - This bond requires an individual to sign stating they will return on their appointed court date and is not secured by any other means.

Surety Bond - a surety bond requires someone of the Judges choosing to sign, most commonly a spouse or parent. But does not require any money at the time of release, however the bond does state a monetary amount and the signer assumes that burden if the court date is missed.

Unsecured Bond – Has a monetary amount assigned to it but does not require money at the time of release, this bond is much like a surety bond but can be signed by the person being released.

Partially Secured – Has a monetary value and a percentage of that must be paid before release. The total amount and the percentage to be paid are both set by the Judge issuing the bond.

Property Bond – This type of bond has a monetary value and is allowed to be secured through the use of owned property. This can only be done at the Circuit Clerks Office at the courthouse.

All bonds shall be made at the courthouse during the hours of 8-4 Monday thorough Friday. Cash and surety bonds may be made at the jail when the courthouse is not open. All payments of bonds must be in cash only and you must have exact change.

All persons bonding out from jail will be charged $20 booking fee and $10/day room & board for everyday of incarceration. Some offenses have a pre-set bond all others have to be set by a Judge, when there is not a pre-set bond that person will meet with Pre-Trial services within 12 hours of being booked in. Pre-Trial will interview the individuals and work with the local Judges to establish bonds.

  Property will be accepted at the front office any day of the week. Any property unclaimed after 30 days will become the jail's property and/or will be disposed of. Any property mailed to or found in possession of any inmate and is not listed on the jail's permitted items list below will become the jail's property and/or be destroyed or discarded.

White Socks
White Underwear
White T-shirts
White Thermal Underwear
Money for Canteen
White Writing Paper

Inmate Rules

The following information is being provided to inform you of what is expected of inmates while housed in this facility. If you do not understand or have questions about this material, discuss it with a jail staff member by email, or call.

(ACCESS TO COURT AND ATTORNEYS) The jailer of Monroe County shall ensure the right of inmates to confidential access to their attorney. Your attorney may visit you at reasonable hours other than regular visitation periods. Calls to attorneys may be made at any time.

(PUBLIC INFORMATION) Jail staff will release no information about inmates that is not a matter of public record without your written consent.

(MAIL) Inmates will be allowed to correspond with anyone so long as such correspondence does not violate any state or federal law. Incoming mail other than legal mail will be opened and inspected for contraband before being delivered to the inmate.

(TELEPHONE) Upon admission, inmates will be permitted a reasonable number of local or long distance calls to an attorney or family member within one hour of booking until one call has been completed. Calling cards are also available for purchase daily.

(GRIEVANCES) Inmates will be allowed to file a grievance if they believe they have been subjected to abuse, harassment, violation of civil rights or have been denied privileges without justification.

(SEARCHES) While housed in the Jail, inmates and their property are subject to search at any time, and will be conducted in a proper manner.

(RACIAL SEGREGATION) The Inmate Classification System does not allow discrimination or segregation based on race, color, creed or national origin.

(VISITATION) Inmates have two visits per week. Visiting hours are as follows: (County Inmates) Wednesday 2pm-4pm and Saturday 2pm–4pm (15 mins) (State Inmates) Tuesday 2pm–4pm and Friday 2pm–4pm (30 mins)

(MEALS) Meals will be served according to the following schedule: BREAKFAST 7:00am, LUNCH 11:30am and DINNER 5:30pm. If an inmate prescribed a special diet from their doctor, Let the jail staff know.

(CANTEEN) Canteen items are available for inmate purchase twice a week while housed in this facility. A list will be provided to all inmates for purchase on Monday and Wednesday morning.

(PROGRAMS) 1) Religious: You will be allowed to practice your religion within limits necessary to maintain institutional order and security. 2) Recreation: Exercise periods will be scheduled each day once in the morning and evening if weather permits. 3) Work: Unsentenced inmates are not required to work except to do cell housekeeping. Jail staff will inspect living areas daily.

(DISCIPLINARY PROCEDURE) Violations are classified as minor, major, or serious according to the criteria: Minor: Violations include acts which do not constitute an immediate threat to the security of the facility. Major: Offenses include persistent minor rule violations and more serious offenses. Serious: Violations include acts which are violations of statutory law and/or present a threat to the security of the jail. Disciplinary actions may be taken against the inmate for the violations that occur.
While housed in the Monroe County Jail, inmates will be expected to adhere to the previously listed schedules. In addition, the following schedule must be followed: Inmates must be out of bed by 6:00am each day and lights out by 10:00pm each night. Inmates will be furnished with 1 towel, 1 blanket, 1 pillow, 1 pillowcase, 1 mattress, 2 sheets, and 1 uniform. Upon release all items will be returned to the deputy. Inmates will be fully dressed in orange when they are out of bed.

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