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Finding someone that is in prison can actually be very confusing even though it sounds like something that would be really easy to do. Even though prisons have databases and they are in a safe place what are your next steps to finding them. You might already know where they were arrested and where their crime took place but you will need to know if it was a federal or state crime.Do you have any idea what their arresting crime was and what they are being convicted of? You will need to know some personal information about your loved one.
Listed below are some things you will need to know:
• Do they struggle with substance abuse
• Do they have a mental illness
• Do they have any special needs
• Do they have any disabilities
• Are they considered a security riskYou probably won’t know where they are currently without knowing all of this information since where they would be taken would depend on this information. While inmates are taken in and evaluated the inmate communications don’t have all of the information during this time so they won’t be able to connect you both.In Spite of where your loved one has been arrested and where they are being held at monroecountyjail.net, we are devoted to help you find your loved one. This is where we are able to help you choose the correct facility and making your search very simple. You will need to go straight to the jails page and there you will be able to find the jails inmate search database. You will be able to do this if you know where the inmate was sentenced.

If you are not sure where the inmate was sentenced, you will need to find out where the crime that they were arrested for took place or where the trial took place. This is how you will be able to find out what state to search in. Most likely you will only have to do one inmate search if you know what state this has taken place since most states have an inmate search database that holds all of the state’s inmate’s records. If you can not find the inmate you are looking for then your loved one is most likely in a federal prison. You will want to search for your loved one in the federal inmate search database. The inmate could be held in a jail instead of a prison if they were sentenced for less than a year with a felony or a misdemeanor.

The details about the county or city where the crime was taken place will be needed if the inmate is being held in a city or county jail. You can just use the information you currently have to narrow your search until you are able to find who you are looking for.

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