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Updated on: June 6, 2023
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Colorado Department of Corrections
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1250 Academy Park Loop, Colorado Springs, CO 80910, United States
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The Colorado Department of Corrections is the agency that will oversee all state-operated facilities and the offenders inside of them. This means the CDOC has rules, regulations, and laws within the department to ensure that all facilities are running efficiently and smoothly as possible.

All state-operated prisons in the great state of Colorado are operated by the state’s Department of Corrections.

Everybody that is employed with the department are handpicked not only due to their qualifications, but also due to their work ethic. The Department of Corrections only wants people with positive attitudes, good work ethic, and the proper qualifications working for them to keep improving upon the corrections facilities in the state.

In the most recent years, the DOC has seen a tremendous decline of inmates in their facilities. Every year that keeps passing by the inmate population keeps dwindling as the department heavily promotes their transition programs alongside some of their best rehabilitation programs.

Correctional Facilities in Colorado

There are 105 jails and prisons in state Colorado

Zebulon Pike Youth Services Center

1427 West Rio Grande, Colorado Springs, CO, 80906

719-329-6921, 719-329-6923, 719-329-6924

Weld County Community Corrections Center

1101 H Street, Greeley, CO, 80631


Gilliam Youth Services Center

2844 Downing Street, Denver, CO, 80205

303-291-8901, 303-291-8902

Marvin W. Foote Youth Services Center

13500 East Fremont Place, Englewood, CO, 80112

303-768-7505, 303-768-7506, 303-768-7566

Sol Vista Youth Services Center

1600 West 24th Street, Bidg 129, Pueblo, CO, 81003

719-546-5125, 719-546-5108, 719-546-5107

Remington House (Midway/Jacob Center)

1516 Remington Street, Fort Collins, CO, 80524


Rite of Passage – Ridge View

28101 East Quincy Avenue, Watkins, CO, 80137


Platte Valley Youth Services Center

2200 "O" Street, Greeley, CO, 80631

970-304-6212, 970-304-6220

Delta Correctional Center

4102 Sawmill Mesa Road, Delta, CO, 81416


Four Mile Correctional Center

East US Highway 50 Evans Blvd, Canon City, CO, 81212


La Vista Correctional Facility

1401 West 17th Street, Pueblo, CO, 81003


Limon Correctional Facility

49030 State Highway 71, Limon, CO, 80826


Skyline Correctional Center

East US Highway 50 Evans Blvd, Canon City, CO, 81215


Youthful Offender System

1300 West 13th Street, Pueblo, CO, 81003


Lookout Mountain Youth Services Center

2901 Ford Street, Golden, CO, 80401


Denver Reception & Diagnostic Center

10900 Smith Road, Denver, CO, 80239


Trinidad Correctional Facility

21000 Highway 350 East, Model, CO, 81059


Buena Vista Correctional Facility

15125 Highway 24 & 285, Buena Vista, CO, 81211


Buena Vista Minimum Center

15125 Highway 24 & 285, Buena Vista, CO, 81211


Fort Lyon Correctional Facility

30999 County Road 15 PO Box 1000, Fort Lyon, CO, 81038