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Michigan Inmate Roster

Updated on: September 12, 2021
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Department Name
Michigan Department of Correction
Official Website
Currently Incarcerated Inmates
206 East Michigan Avenue Grandview Plaza PO Box 30003 Lansing MI 48909
Phone Number
(517) 335-1426

The Michigan Department of Correction is solely tied to securing the inmates within the correctional department and the residents of Michigan as well. The Michigan Department of Corrections is always all about their inmates. They ultimately want to make sure that all their inmates are considering all aspects of their choices that he or she makes. They want these inmates to make perfect choices while they are in there, so they know how to make these same choices for when they are on the outside as well.

If an inmate keeps on behaving while they are in a Department of Correction facility, they will then be giving incentives to the point where they may have a little bit more freedom. They can start on their behavior journey by participating in all the programs that these facilities offer them.

Correctional Facilities in Michigan

There are 201 jails and prisons in state Michigan

Jackson County Jail

1995 Chanter Road, Jackson, MI, 48201

517-768-1609, 517-768-1605