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Updated on: August 21, 2020
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Department Name
Missouri Department of Corrections
Official Website
Currently Incarcerated Inmates
P.O. Box 236, Jefferson City, MO 65102
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The Department of Corrections within the state of Missouri is a great division within the government of the state. They have many strategic plans to help keep their operating levels at such a high level that they are always improving on top of that.

As of 2019, the Missouri Department of Corrections has over 11,000 people who work for them. These people can either be a prison guard, parole officer, or a probation officer. These people are stationed throughout the big state of Missouri Department of Corrections.

As of 2018, the Missouri Department of Corrections had custody of over 31,000 individuals in all their 25 remedial facilities.

However, you should keep in mind during that same year, there was another 58,000 people who were paroled from prison or strictly on probation through the state as well.

All state facilities will always give their inmates medical attention when needed. They also provide them with programs, treatment programs, and various other things that could benefit them while they are behind bars.

Correctional Facilities in Missouri

There are 371 jails and prisons in state Missouri

Hawk Point City Jail

161 West Lincoln Drive PO Box 302, Hawk Point, MO, 63349


Hartville City Jail

109 East Rolla Street, Hartville, MO, 65667


Harrisonville City Jail

208 East Pearl Street, Harrisonville, MO, 64701


Hardin City Jail

100 South Main Street PO Box 506, Hardin, MO, 64035


Hamilton City Jail

200 South Davis Street, Hamilton, MO, 64644


Hallsville City Jail

202 Highway 124 East, Hallsville, MO, 65255


Hale City Jail

413 Oak Street PO Box 67, Hale, MO, 64643


Greenwood City Jail

709 West Main Street, Greenwood, MO, 64034


Green City City Jail

PO Box 235, Green City, MO, 63545


Grandview City Jail

1200 Main Street, Grandview, MO, 64030


Gower City Jail

97 North 4th Street, Gower, MO, 64454


Goodman City Jail

203 West Barlow Street, Goodman, MO, 64843


Gladstone City Jail

7010 North Holmes, Gladstone, MO, 64118


Gilman City City Jail

429 Main Street, Gilman City, MO, 64642


Gideon City Jail

109 North Main Street, Gideon, MO, 63848


Gasconade City Jail

480 Oak Street PO Box 132, Gasconade, MO, 65061

573-294-7349, 573-294-7348

Gallatin City Jail

112 East Grand Street, Gallatin, MO, 64640


Freeman City Jail

106 East Main Street, Freeman, MO, 64746


Fredericktown City Jail

124 North Main Street, Fredericktown, MO, 63645

573-783-3660, 573-783-3660

Frankford City Jail

215 Main Street PO Box 55, Frankford, MO, 63441