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Updated on: September 18, 2021
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New Mexico
Department Name
New Mexico Corrections Department
Official Website
Currently Incarcerated Inmates
4337 NM 14, Santa Fe NM 87508 P.O. Box 27116, Santa Fe NM
Phone Number
(505) 827-8645
(505) 827-8533

The Department of Corrections in New Mexico is a large department in the state government. Why is that? Well, many people every year get imprisoned in one of their many facilities throughout the great state. This means that they are the department that must take care of them until they serve their time and can be let back into the society that they came from.

Well, when it comes to the Department of Corrections in New Mexico, they have 8 very different subdivisions. These are:

  • Preparation Institution
  • Parole Board
  • Data Innovation Division
  • Regulatory Administrations Division
  • Adult Penitentiaries Division
  • Corrections Ventures
  • Recidivism Decrease Division
  • Probation Division

The above divisions are what completed the New Mexico Department. All divisions work together to make up the entire department which keeps everything in constant operation. You should note that the New Mexico Department of Corrections is responsible for 6,800 individuals at any time throughout the year.

Correctional Facilities in New Mexico

There are 64 jails and prisons in state New Mexico

Hidalgo County Detention Center

83 Old Highway 70 PO Box 339, Lordsburg, NM, 88045


Grant County Detention Center

209 North Black Street, Silver City, NM, 88061


Union County Detention Center

112 North Front Street, Clayton, NM, 88415


Santa Fe County Detention Center

4312 State Highway 14, Sante Fe, NM, 87505