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South Carolina Inmate Roster

Updated on: March 3, 2020
South Carolina
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South Carolina Department of Corrections
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Currently Incarcerated Inmates
PO Box 21787 4444 Broad River Road Columbia SC 29210
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The Department of Corrections in South Carolina was first formed in 1866. It was only after that the Department of Corrections were formed that it was time that they built their first-ever jail. The first-ever jail was in use for many decades to come. It would be used to house people who broke the law in the South Carolina state.

Then in 1960, they had to take a very hard look at the South Carolina Department of Corrections. Why you may ask? They had to take a deeper look because it was not running as well as it should be. There were a lot of hiccups and things that they could improve upon not only for the employees, but for the people that they were responsible for as well.

Even today, the South Carolina Department of Corrections continues to look at what they can improve upon to help them navigate what could be changed and what they can do better on.

Correctional Facilities in South Carolina

There are 149 jails and prisons in state South Carolina

Graham (Camille Griffin) Correctional Institution

4450 Broad River Road, Columbia, SC, 29210


Lieber Correctional Institution

136 Wilborn Avenue PO Box 205, Rembert, SC, 29472

843-875-3332, 803-896-3700

Watkins Pre-Release Center

1700 St. Andrews Terrace, Columbia, SC, 29210


Wateree River Correctional Institution

Highway 261 PO Box 189, Rembert, SC, 29128-0189

803-432-6191, 803-896-3400

John G. Richards Youth Detention Center

Broad River Road Complex4900 Broad River Road, Columbia, SC, 29212


Allendale Correctional Institution

1057 Revolutionary Trail PO Box 1151, Fairfax, SC, 29827

803-632-2561, 803-734-0653

Kirkland Correctional Institution

4344 Broad River Road, Columbia, SC, 29210


Perry Correctional Institution

430 Oaklawn Road, Pelzer, SC, 29669


Young Female Offender Program

Post Office Box 21787, Columbia, SC, 29221-1787

Walden/Stevenson Correctional Institution

4340 Broad River Road, Columbia, SC, 29210

803-896-8580, 803-896-8575

Camp Aspen

5300 Broad River Road, Columbia, SC, 29212


South Carolina State Juvenile Detention Center

1725 Shivers Road, Columbia, SC, 29212


South Carolina Upstate Regional Evaluation Center

1585 Jonesville Highway, Union, SC, 29379


South Carolina Willow Lane Program for Girls

4900 Broad River Road, Columbia, SC, 29212


Trenton State Prison

84 Greenhouse Road, Trenton, SC, 29847

803-896-3000 or 803-278-0010

Coastal Pre-Release Center

3765 Leeds Avenue, Charleston, SC, 29405

843-740-1630, 843-740-1631

Coastal Regional Evaluation Center

331 Campbell Thickett Road, Ridgeville, SC, 29472


Heath Springs City Jail

103 Duncan Street, Heath Springs, SC, 29058


Hartsville City Jail

135 W Carolina Avenue, Hartsville, SC, 29551


Hardeeville City Jail

26 Martin Street, Hardeeville, SC, 29927